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Directory of Single Serving Sites

What's a Single Serving Site?

The term Single Serving Site was first coined by writer Jason Kottke.  Essentially, it is a website that is dedicated to one purpose - typically for the entertainment of its audience.   Some are perfect to forward to your friends in a moment of schottenfreud, others are internet memes, some cannot be explained.


In wonderful irony, here is a single serving site devoted to organizing those sites for your fun and enjoyment.


Need to make fun of someone or deliver a message? Bookmark and Share – many great sounds on demand at your mouse click. – hard to beat Nelson from the Simpson’s honest critique.  Ideal to forward at the right moment to your friends. – click the button for on-demand gong-age. – click the button for an on-demand classic comedy rim shot – ta-dum-tshhh – FAIL! hear the sad trombone on command. – for that certain someone that would rather talk than type to get their answer – Can’t spell definitely correctly? Send them here for instructions. – did you just get trumped by your arch enemy? Delivered as only Kirk could. – It’s only polite, after all – for when you need to get someone to focus on the task at hand, and not Mr. Spielberg’s wife. – Hmmm…it seems the I’s have it. – When you’re ready to join hands and dance in circles. – Upbeat and ready to rock, with a little bit of gay mixed in. – meant for Andy, but who doesn’t like to hear a simple “Thank You”. – combines thanks with a name creating a portmanteau word, which actually can save quite a bit of time in the future. – when you just aren’t feeling cooperative. – a chicken dressed up saying it’s piece. Good for other chickens everywhere. – let’em know to back-off. – your subtle suggestion if your friend or co-worker is indecisive. – Feeling hungry, lunch time! – can’t convince’em, hypnotize’em! – when you need the juice, you need the juice! – for when it is time to rock. Now. Hard. – for that co-worker of yours that just goes on, and on, and one, and… – for when you are so wrong, even the internet can’t agree with you. – nothing says quick like that “beep beep” of the Road Runner. – for the know-it-all-fix-it-guy – hi, network operations, you’ve been replaced by a website. Thanks anyway. – looking for a second opinion here. – think you’re bad? You ain’t nothin’ – let me google that for you, because god knows has no instruction manual. – nothing like a nice scream on command, huh? – here’s the devastating blow to settle who’s the man

Answering your burning questions Bookmark and Share – Find out! – cross your fingers and click – Find out if Abe Vigoda is alive – only one way to know – click away! – in case you are behind in your Paris news. – this is not a joke – so you can match your outfit accordingly – get the answer in 140 characters or less – I hope the answer does not change – Take a wild guess on this one. – editorial – That Dr. House is one tough lookin’ SOB. – No need to remember anymore thanks to the internets! – a good public service. – rain, sleet, nor snow… – If it is October, I already know the answer. – in case you didn’t hear - helpful – wait, I sense a strange loop of logic here… – I don’t think it ever changes

Randoms Bookmark and Share – get it signed by Al Gore and it would be priceless. – In case you need to skip ahead to see how it all ends. – a meme about memes…mesmerizing. – all of you paleontologists can stop now, we got our answer, thank you. – surprise me! – how long can you spin? – da kitahs r q-ts. – hard to argue with this site – I know, I was surprised too. - don't click, you'll wind up wasting a lot of time.


Looking for a hug? Bookmark and Share – That Barack is a sweet guy… – And the First Lady too! – I’m fairly sure you are welcome. – go ahead…they are listening. – it helps to talk about it. – let the world know who you’d like to marry. – maybe not a hug, but sure feels good knocking down all those dominos – let it out, baby! – the cookie no lie!


The classics Bookmark and Share – I still can’t get enough! – well, it does. – The Hamster Dance.



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